Ruzafa has become Valencia’s ‘hip’ district as its bold trajectory has left its past behind to become a vibrant, appealing place to be and be seen. Here, WV has been selected to give a modern twist on a classic, listed building. We are going to enjoy this!
"Because it was and is my dream;
It is not easy for anyone to understand that buying a house with character and re-doing it is exciting. Well, that is the adventure I’m on, for many years now. What for many would be a nightmare, for me, is much more than excitement, it is a dream. I found, after many months and covering  many geographical difficulties, an apartment from the early 20th century in the characteristic Russafa neighbourhood, (Valencia). Even being very clear about what I like and what I wanted to do with my home, I was always aware that I needed professional advice. Given my level of demand, I couldn't allow myself to make this project come true in an amateur way. Being who I am, a faithful follower of the idea that the best way to invest money is in knowledge, I turned to Lirika and Neil.

Lirika and Neil, a pair of architects who complement each other perfectly. Perfect blend of workability and taste. I was lucky enough to enjoy some of his their work in an entertainment ambience, which allowed me to see their most artistic side and that is, without a doubt, what prompted me to put myself in their hands. It was what I needed.
Knowing what the client really wants is not just drawing walls and layouts, and they have that rare skill. They are able to get into the head of another person and capture their ideas that they find within it on paper. Ideas, which you yourself cannot explain in words. Magical.

To this day I feel that my dream is now a shared dream, it is theirs too. "

- Teresa Torres Ivars (Industrial Technical Engineer).